The Viktor Wilt Show

Rock your mornings every weekday with Viktor Wilt from 6A-10A MST, or listen on demand 24/7 everywhere that podcasts can be found, such as the player below!

What is up with this guy?

Viktor Wilt has hosted East Idaho's loudest morning show for over a decade, airing each morning on KCVI - KBear 101. Right out of the gate at 6AM it becomes obvious that this isn't your typical rock morning show, as he cranks up The Metal Morning Wakeup Call, a song louder and heavier than what the average rock station would even consider playing in the middle of the night. With other fan-favorite features like The Genius Of The Day, Freak News, Cue The Outrage, and Traffic School, you never know what kind of crazy stories or wacky perspectives are coming your way to help get you through your morning.

Traffic School

The award-winning Traffic School powered by The Advocates Injury Attorneys is a live call-in feature hosted by Viktor Wilt and Lieutenant Marvin Crain of the Idaho State Police. Airing every Friday morning at 8:45AM, the thirty minute program gives Idaho residents the chance to ask the show anything they'd like to know about the law. Both educational and humorous, Traffic School has become a staple for Idaho radio listeners every Friday morning that can not only inform, but also save residents time and money on things like traffic tickets!

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